Let’s Try – The Gogogi Restaurant

Everybody loves eating! We do, right? Riiight? Anyway, a short while ago I persuaded my friend to try out Asian cuisine for the first time. Pretty weird huh? There really are people in Berlin who have never tried Asian cuisine before. Honestly, if I had a choice I would ALWAYS choose Asian food.

There are so many varieties of Asian cuisine – just off the top of my head, there’s Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Korean and Vietnamese. Be it chicken feet, Bánh Bao, Kimchi or miso soup, how can somebody never have eaten Asian food before?!

But back to the topic. I told my friend to choose an Asian country whose culinary delicacies he most wanted to begin with. He chose Korea. Hmm…where do I love eating Korean food the most? Of course, Gogogi at Rosenthaler Platz! It’s an awesome place, it has really friendly service and serves splendid dishes *_* Foodporn at its finest!

We booked a table and went on our merry way! You don’t even always have to book a table, but I like to be on the safe side. We stepped in the front door and the first words out of his mouth were “wow…” and “look at this”. Great, off to a fantastic start! The waiter brought us to our table outside and handed us the menu.

As he scanned the menu, my friend looked a little confused. Eh? What? Wait a second. What?? I simply smiled at him in response. I grabbed his menu and waved the waitress nearer – just like all the other waitstaff there, she was dressed rather casually in comparison to the overall style of the restaurant, but I kind of like this contrast. I ordered something to “grill on the table” and some side dishes. I explained to her that my friend was a complete newbie to Korean food, and gave her free reign to choose the other dishes for us. She’s Korean, so I was sure that we were in safe hands!

She brought us the table grill and some side dishes, as well as chopsticks and spoons. While my friend fumbled around with his chopsticks, the waitress returned with more side dishes and to light the grill.

My friend followed the waitress’s movements, enthralled and impressed. How amazing it smelt! I can still recall the scent in my head. Yummy!! More and more side dishes arrived – as soon as we finished a little bowl, a refill would arrive. How superb! If only every place was like this! All the while the waitress patiently waited on us, answering all the curious questions my friend posed. I kind of felt sorry for her. She explained how the meal should be eaten: apparently you have to put the meat and side dishes on the lettuce, and then roll the entire thing up like a wrap. Easier said than done, but I assure you, it tastes amazing!


I ate and ate until I felt like my tummy was about to explode. But even then, I still wolfed down another small piece. And another. And another. And of course, I would never miss out on desert! We had vanilla ice cream with some kind of lemon sauce, and lemon sorbet with roasted soy bean powder. Wow!! Simply wow! What a great taste! It was incomparable to anything I’ve ever had!

My friend was completely blown away by the food, the restaurant – by everything. He was waxing lyrical about it the entire way home! So, looks like I achieved what I set out to do 😉 This place was definitely a good idea!

Images: Readthetrieb.com