The Berlin Fashion Week takes place periodically in spring and summer, and in the coming months we will see the capital once again being taken over by disciples of fashion, both from home and abroad. For now, we provide a first overview of the most important German fashion event.

The Berlin Fashion Week is especially exciting, primarily due to the presence of numerous newcomers and young designers; many of who hope to capitalize upon this opportunity to kick-start their careers in Germany. Examples of those whose international careers began this way are Dawid Tomaszewski and Alexandra Fischer-Roehler. Amongst other important guests, long-established fashion labels and designers such as Wolfgang Joop and Hugo Boss will also attend the fashion week with their current collections.

But what can we expect for 2015? What kind of future trends will crystallize into shape at the Berlin Fashion Week? And what will we find in the late summer and autumn, thanks to the usual fashion vendors such as the Frontlineshop?

The Trends and Desiners of the Berlin Fashion Week 2015

We’ve already reported on the so-called Premium Fashion Trade Show, which will also take place during the fashion week. In addition to the Trade Show, there will be numerous show floors, as well as regular and special events. One of this year’s highlights is the appearance of Annelie Schubert, a designer who has just won the internationally coveted annual “Première Vision Award”.

Aside from that, more than 20 designers from the capital have applied for runway and studio slots in line with the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which is likely the most famous and anticipated show floor of the entire fashion week. Designer William Fan is amongst those who were awarded slots, and his main theme this year is called “home”. That refers not solely to the far-eastern homeland of his ancestors, but also to the digital space in which we all feel at ease. We are also excited about what the designer Sadak has up his sleeve, and we can most likely expect flashy colours and high-class prêt-à-porter fashion. This is ground zero; this is the place from which the coming months’ trends will emerge.

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