Hey Beauties.

During the past week I introduced you to a new beauty series of mine here on Read The Trieb. I incorporated so-called Beauty Boosters into my text. Today, I’ll continue that series by introducing you to yet another step in my newly completed morning routine. It’s a rather easy, yet incredibly helpful step during the early hours. Especially my skin thanks me for this. If you happened to like my previous article on this and want to know which other steps I have in my morning routine, please keep on scrolling.

Dring enough water!

I am more than positive that I have already mentioned this little fact right there but I seriously can’t highlight this step too much. Drink water because it can change your life. Make it a habit to gurgle down one or even two glasses of water. Why, you may ask. Well, after a long night your body is in serious need of hydration. Sleep time equals regeneration and that’s were the effort for our bodies lie. During the night our body takes everything it needs out of our glycogen reserves but also out of the water in our body. You have to see water as kind of the oil that keeps our machines going. Without it nothing would work in our system. So, to start off  your day right, you have to drink your water. An added note: When you down two cups of water right after you have woken up, you’re much more declined t reach your water goal for the day as well as for a nice and dewy looking skin.

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