Lise Ellingsen is an award-winning designer from Norway who enjoys playing with stereotypes. Her brand name “Blondes Make Better t-shirts ” already epitomizes her sense of humor: the blonde designer has a uniquely special character and loves making her clients laugh. Not only are her designs humorous, they also reference moral ethics and environmental sustainability. Above all, the issue of animal welfare is one that is particularly important to Lise Ellingsen.

Her collection consists mainly of upper body wear, including sweaters, tops and t-shirts for both him and her. Eye-catching prints in all sizes play the most crucial role in her designs. Fresh sayings and funny motifs, as well as sexy photos adorn the garments. The “blonde” theme is again evident through the usage of animal prints, and is guaranteed to draw interested glances from others.

The classic t-shirt or sweatshirt forms perfect the daily-chic look. “I don’t need an education – I have a smart phone” and “blondes make better presidents” are just two examples of her cheeky style. Muted basic colors and splendid prints – these are the things that blondes will conquer the world with 😉

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