Once upon a time, Aleks Kurkowski harboured the dream of studying mathematics or architecture – and then she chanced upon a intriguing article regarding design. Her new life goal: to become a designer. And she has been striving towards that goal with great focus indeed – upon completion of her studies in Design, the Polish-born designer then moved from Hannover to Berlin, where she continues to develop her personal style. She holds true to her tendency towards asymmetrical silhouettes, thus distinguishing herself from the crowd.

This is evident in her winter collection, which could not be any more urban. Black has recently been experiencing a heyday and is no longer solely a fixed component in the fashion sectors of elegance. No, even young city dwellers are increasingly resorting to this non-colour, which can be combined with so much versatility. In one of the most popular clubs in the world, the Berliner Berhain, this color is even compulsory!

Dress-code: black – Aleks follows this motto wholeheartedly. Both men and women can find a great variety of all-black outfits that provide for excitement through the use of overlays, asymmetry and special lines. This winter, one can stand out not only through color blocking, but even more so with black! Solid materials are often combined with leathery elements – volume and transparency additionally elicit whistles from onlookers.

The summer collection of 2016 will be presented at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in July.

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