Sonia Carrasco presents: art for the body! This newcomer from Spain graduated with her degree only last year, and is now already decorating the fashion world with never-seen-before creations.

The young designer has self-confidence, and her pieces demand the same from her customers. Looking at which she has to offer, this nonetheless does not seem difficult to achieve. The work of Sonia Carrasco is, upon inspection, difficult to resist. Her avant-garde colour and cut palette miss neither an opportunity nor a niche. In a perfect interplay, Carrasco combines various fabrics, colours and technical toys into a single dress. From transparent zippers to mischievous midriff-cut jumpsuits to a colour-form-play reminiscent of a Bauhaus, Carrasco delivers a wild exploration through the colourful world of design. This is a world where everything can be discovered. Every article of clothing is one of a kind, standing on their own two feet as unique works of art.

For example, one of the numerous eye catchers is the deep-black, fluttery-light transparent dress, in combination with the likewise black two-piece – it comprises of a bustier and cycling pants that have been embroidered with colourful, strongly protruding flowery patterns: this is Monet’s water lilies meets Femme fata­le. But even in a simple combination with a pair of timeless Dr. Martens, this dark dress can be outstanding. Sonia Carrasco creates fashion that speaks of freedom and fun – it speaks to dancing elegantly though the paths of possibilities and taking on colours, forms, patterns and cuts along the way, transforming a piece into a masterpiece. Talk about magical!

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