Amongst the crème de la crème of high society Prêt-a-Porter brands, there is one label that fits there particularly well: Pugnat. The Berlin-based label led by designer Antje Pugnat distinguishes itself with its hand-made cutting and knitting patterns, as well as its original gimmicks and refinements. All of these have been accomplished while retaining the pleasantly casual attitude. Every single creation of theirs is governed by perfectionism in creation alongside the usage of materials that were meticuously selected in line with the fair trade policy.

Pugnat presents fashion in gentle cuts and colours, and makes full use of every pattern and colour palette that one can ever imagine in a perfect rhythm. Each collection is like an elaborate oil painting or an eloquent poem, and every single piece is optimally complementary in and of itself. Pugnat’s sophisticated and stylish designs aroused the interest of JOOP! in 2012, resulting in a collaboration between the two labels.

Pugnat tells stories of self-confident and independent women; of women unafraid to live out their feminine sides. Pugnat instinctively understands how to stand the test of time: with outstanding quality and timeless love for design.

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