Parisian label 3.Paradis gives men’s fashion an evolutionary push. The designers Emeric Tchatchoua and Raymond Chen deal with visionary and innovative ideas and have achieved indisputable success in the implementation of their youth label collections.

Both cosmopolitan designers have lived in numerous countries and aim to combine their artistic creativity with their wish for cultural unity and intercultural tolerance. This path has hitherto been untrodden, as proven by the original creations of the two friends and designers Tchatchoua und Cheung. Ocasionally, they even form an avant-garde face for men’s fashion.

Settled in the field of ready-to-wear luxury, the collection by 3.Paradis delivers an amalgamation of a little bit of feminity, a little bit of manliness, a little bit of chic, a little bit of casualness and a little bit of “outer-spaciness”. Various sources serve as inspirations for their collections: flower patterns reminiscent of Japanese cherry blossoms can be found in the “0.1: The White Door” collection; kimono cuts in black and white abound in “0.2: Be­hind the White Door”; edgy cuts that evoke nostalgia and remind one of the game “Space Impact” run rampant in “0.3: Just came back from Planet Earth”. We are delighted that the designers of 3.Paradis have decided to spread their message on the planet Earth.

With this label, an evolution is in full swing: 3.Paradis tactfully invents unprecedented men’s fashion, retaining a moral background behind every single piece.

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