London’s clubs are somewhat different from ours – this was immediately apparent. It can be a rather difficult task to find a club that does not clash with one’s music tastes. I have frequently partied at Soho with friends – that district is well known for its numerous gay and lesbian clubs. Even straight clubs and bars with music can be found there, and there is surely something for everyone. And in case you’re asking why I’m ALWAYS at Soho, wellll…it’s because of the food in Chinatown that lies in the south of Soho! I’m so predictable!

Regardless of where you go in the evening, promoters advertising their clubs will hail you down. You can get arm bands for a cheaper entrance fee or a range of coupons for free drinks. This may actually sound pretty decent, but the problem lies somewhere else! In London, you have to go to the clubs really early. And I mean early – if you want to enjoy the party, you have to show up around 8pm or 9pm. This is no joke, God be my witness! In Berlin, we stroll into clubs around 1am, and this is where things really start to get going. In London, you should be happy to be let into a club at 1 in the morning. Seriously!

I have already been thrown out three times from a club or a bar. No, not necessarily because of my indecent behavior, but simply because they were closing! They were closing!! And it was only midnight or 1am!! We’re not even near the time for indecent behavior. One of the biggest cities of Europe, the city of money, the city of the bankers, the city of the crown shuts down completely at 1am. As a German, this is unacceptable – our clubs close only at 6am or 7am, if they even close at all.

You know what’s even more ridiculous? There is absolutely no train service during the night. I’m lucky that my bus runs 24/7. But for all who normally travel with the train, this means waiting. Outside. Since everything is closed. At this point I have to briefly quote my new American buddy: “This is unacceptable!” Because we waited at least an hour and a half for his bus to arrive. And we in Berlin claim that we have “problems” with public transport! It’s no small wonder that the Englanders get drunk so early. There is simply no way to get drunk later!

Well, from personal experience, there is possibly a small silver lining in all of this – if you are already drunk at 4pm, you don’t need to sleep in on Sunday and can make full use of the day. Sleep is entirely reserved for the night. Nevertheless, there are a handful of clubs that are open until 6am, such as the Rose Club . Now my task is to find and explore them all.

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