London is famous not only for its fashion scene, but also for its incredible architecture. The medley between the old and the new casts a magical enchantment upon the city. I love taking walks through the quarters of London. Tradition and modernity, poverty and wealth, vulgarness and extravagance – that’s London.

With its numerous three-storey houses, this city immediately conveys the feeling that anything is possible. And yet everywhere I go, I am bombarded with the statement that London is slowly, but surely, transforming into a metropolis of skyscrapers.

The Shard (306 m), the iconic shaped building from London’s skyline, was until a short while ago the tallest building in Europe. That record has now been taken over by the Federazija (360 m) in Moscow. But that is soon to change – in the heart of London, there are currently 236 new skyscrapers which are either under construction or in the planning stage. Of these, more than a fifth are to reach over 160 metres tall. London has mutated into a real estate agent’s dream. Word on the street is, Londoners are worried that the increasing number of skyscapers will destroy the soul of the city. Others argue that it could give the city a new charm.

Honestly speaking, this doesn’t really bother me. One could also see this as a normal progression over the passage of time. Change occurs wherever money changes hands. London is a metropolis, and so I believe that it is only a matter of time before London rises up. If you think about it, the architecture of buildings and how they harmonise with one another could be compared to fashion. It is something one has to deal with, even if they have no desire for it or no idea about it, because it’s something that confronts them on a day-to-day basis.

Time for me to sign off – I think I’ll go discover what the city is currently wearing.

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