Life is determined by time and space. It is particularly defined by time which sometimes seems to run in our favor and other times we have the feeling that time is just running out on us. All in all, life can be compared with a never-ending, flowing river. Life consists of millions of moments coming and going. You are in constant movement and should never stand still. Noèlia Aranda, a young designer from Barcelona, found a beautiful metaphor for this cycle of life which she simultaneously chose to become the name of her newest collection: WASTE. Despite the provocative name, her collection looks like anything but trash or garbage.

The unisex collection made of natural materials and wooden buttons is marked by a beautiful play of fascinating shapes and mesmerizing color schemes. Contrasts determine the collection’s expressive power. Tight and wide, black and white. Just like the wearer who is constantly trying to bring day and night in line, Noèlia Aranda is attempting to harmonize opposites in order to unify them in a balanced design. Almost with playful easiness, she succeeds in ridding her designs of the borders between feminine and masculine, creating a collection full of peace and harmony. Following the principle of Yin and Yang, she makes balance and harmony the most valuable good in her design concept.

Designerin Noèlia Aranda

Within the WASTE collection, knitted designs clash with laced structures. Soft rose, black, red and white come together to give birth to amazing color compositions. Noèlia Aranda seems to have captured time and space only to lock these physical quantities within the fabric of her designs to create nothing but pure perfection. The cycle of life is depicted wonderfully in her fashion which impress with sophisticated purism and perfect balance.

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