The designer of Costume National, Ennio Capasa, says his latest men’s collection for the autumn of 2015 represents the urban angels who treads the runway with minimalistic and Rock’n’Roll fashion typical to Costume National. With that, he also describes the line accurately. Even the models have a rather androgynous look and partly have long angelic curls. They bear the pieces with a nonchalant and cool style that underlines the Rock’n’Roll character of the collection. The collection is made up of dark, slim-cut suits and other classical pieces. In their simple and often very classical forms, they provide for the minimalistic foundation of the line. Shades like dark red and different shades of brown produce an autumnal character. The base is complemented by a whole series of leathery pieces as well as fur jackets and vests. This results in a harmonic overall picture. The line is thus the fusion of two different styles – the classical and simple minimalistic style and the rather extravagant Rock’n’Roll style that also appeals to other designers such as Hedi Silmane. This ensures that the collection would interest supporters of either style. I believe the outfits would look great on either young, androgynous men or somewhat bold-looking men. Regardless of whether you fall into these two categories, just see the line for yourselves! – The best time to do so would be at the Belgrade Fashion Week from 24th – 30th April 2015!

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