Hello fellow beauty lovers.

A really random fact about me is my habit to feel the need to use Q-tips all the time. I’ve been told multiple times that those cotton swaps aren’t good for cleaning out your ears, but I still feel really uncomfortable if I don’t get the chance to do it. But I’ve decided to battle my weird obsession and am now in need for great alternatives to use my leftover Q-tips . I’ve been doing my researches and came across 3 tricks that really blew me away. Enjoy!

Prevent your lipsticks from “bleeding out
I’m a huge advocate of dark lipsticks but those are real princesses in terms of maintenance and upkeep. They often tend to “bleed out”, which essentially means that they like to feather along the edges of your lips. To prevent this from happening, take a cotton swap, dip it into a little bit of powder and line the edges. The powder here acts as a sort of wall that keeps the color from bleeding out.

Fix jammed zippers
I can’t begin to tell you how annoyed I get whenever my zipper is jammed. It takes me ages to fix it and I usually tend to destroy my clothes in the process. The solution to this problem is almost ridiculously easy: Next time, just dip your cotton swap into shampoo and apply onto the zipper. The shampoo hereby acts as lubricant and looses up the jammed zipper.

No makeup brush to hand? No problem!
If you and your girls spontaneously decide to go out but don’t exactly have the entire makeup bag to hand, no worries. For the perfect clubbing night you’ll only need a kajal pencil and Q-tips! Just line your upper and lower lash line and use the Q-tip to smudge it out. With soft movements you’ll achieve a sexy smokey eye in no time!

I really hope you enjoyed those little hacks. Have fun trying them out. See you guys tomorrow!

Yours truly,

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