Archano Rao looks back on a rapid career – the success began already during her studies, which she has completed at the National Institute of Fashion Technology. As the winner of the category “Best Design Collection”, she moved from India to America immediately after her bachelor degree and attended the Parsons School of Design. Even the graduation collection there in 2009 was celebrated by the fashion scene. As a result, Archano Rao created the brand of Frou Frou which namely describes the rustle of textiles.

The associated models are absolutely feminine and, in this context, romantic as well. Characteristics such as softness, lightness and grace are the hallmarks of the femininity created in the framework of the label. The pieces live on an incredible amount of detail which hangs like a red thread on the ladylike gentleness. Nevertheless, the assortment appears mostly modern, even when the vintage-charm finds its way in.

As you see, the versatility makes is impossible to classify the fashion character in one genre. All the more exciting is the glance of the collections which, besides the dresses, carry all kinds of surprises. Indian traditions meet architectural modernity, resulting in a wonderful symbiosis. You can choose between the crop top, glamour gown and embroidered blouse probably hardly as I can. Numerous favourites are only waiting to be discovered by you – for example in March, when it’s at the Indian Lakmé Fashion Week saying “Let the show begin!”

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