15 years of fashion will be heartily celebrated at this year’s Lakmé Fashion Week. This fashion spectacle, which has been rocking the South Asian fashion world for more than a decade, begins on the 18th of March and will present a multitude of talented Indian fashion designers. One of these creative artists is DRVV, who particularly stands out from the crowd due to his unisex designs, all of which were produced under strict standards to guarantee a high quality. Androgynous creations await you here! The architectonic and sophisticated structures have also ensured DRVV a place in the spotlight of the Lakmé fashion week since its foundation in 2012.

The creation of androgyny, however, does not rule out feminine and boyish tendencies in cut and silhouette. Au contraire: it’s exactly the combination of feminine and masculine that allows this label to differ from the rest. DRVV demonstrates that in our modern society, you can wear anything as long as you want to. Some of us may consider this attitude daring and utopian, while others will surely acknowledge the modern and futuristic concept behind this thought.

Most of the time, light materials are used, their tender character being complemented by soft contours and cuts. In this manner, chic dresses as well as impressive suits and two-piece suits are created. Accentuations are incorporated not to form contrasts, but to give birth to harmonies. Zips or transparent panels transform this fashion into a purist spectacle. Based on rather dark shades, the color scheme emphasizes the sophistication of this collection.

Copyright and source: https://www.facebook.com/DRVVofficial?fref=photo, http://www.lakmefashionweek.co.in