Jean-Pierre Braganza is the epitome of feminine coolness. With his summer collection 2015, the creative designer however succeeded in excelling himself. When creating his designs, he however never binds himself to the latest trends nor does he tries to abide by the borders between different styles.

Jean-Pierre is a man whose work is thriving through his impulsiveness and spontaneity. His collections all incarnate these two attributes and thus have surprising, extraordinary creations for us in store.

Braganza is predicting an extraordinarily sporty summer, if we take a look at the black jogging pants worn with the printed sweater. Nevertheless, glamour will always be the omega and alpha in Braganza’s fashion universe. In the name of glamour, he created a pearl-embroidered mini dress with a transparent train. We also caught sight of an asymmetrical, black and white skirt worn with a matching blazer, the perfect, elegant business look.

Transparent leggings donned with an oversize top defined by a three-colored color blocking design stands for extravagant coolness on the other hand.

As you can see, it can barely get any more diverse. Nevertheless, you can still detect the golden thread which runs through his entire collection, pointing clearly to this designer’s individual style.

With a multitude of different looks, Braganza takes on the challenge to present the colors black and white in all their facets. Driven by the love for experimental design, he lets street wear clash with glamour to reinvent sexiness.

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