The new watch models at Valmano promise a fashionable appearance and self-confidence. Today, a watch is not merely a gadget anymore which solely displays the time. Apart from its functional attributes, a watch has to convince with its style. Wearing the watch as a matching accessory to complement your outfit will surely give you the certain something. For this reason, a perfect outfit without the ideal watch is unimaginable for the urban fashion addict. Nevertheless, you can’ just buy a random second-class model from the supermarket. No, you should definitely take the latest watch trends into consideration. These trends show what right now is en vogue and with which models you can perfect your look. Of course, in order to satisfy a multitude of tastes, a more than broad spectrum of watches is offered by Valmano.

1.The Classics

The watch models of the bygone decades are now celebrating their comeback. No wonder. They look elegant and noble and simply draw you under their spell due to the touch of nostalgia which lies within the design. Above all, Roman numerals in a rectangular case combined with black or brown leather watchbands are accessories the fashion world can’t live without right now. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay attention to whether the watch is supposed to grace a delicate woman’s or a strong man’s wrist. Awesome. The clock face can impress in a variety of discreet colors like white, brown, beige, black and grey as long as they match the color of the watchband. Above all, delicate smooth leather or stylish textured leather will serve as amazing eye catchers. But if you like it a bit more feminine, how about a flat case with fine leather watchbands?

2. With the focus placed on silver and gold

Another trend is definitely watches made of gold and silver. It’s particularly the subtle and gentle rosé gold which is on the verge of conquering millions of jewelry boxes of fashion addicts all around the world right now. Nevertheless, conventional yellow gold and white gold will keep their popularity amongst watch lovers. Silver is the allrounder amongst all colors and can’t be missing this year either. All this means that you will spot a great number of different colors and noble precious metals on the streets. Gold and silver can be discovered in various styles,  ranging from elegant, modern to sporty. If you want to save some money when buying a watch, you can opt for metal watchbands which resemble gold or silver.

3. Colorful watches are totally en vogue

For several years, colorful watches have been causing a big turmoil with an extremely positive feedback. Yes, you are officially allowed to wear colorful models which show your crazy side. Not only kids will love this style, but many individualists all around the world have opted for colorful options. Watches with extravagant prints like fruits are totally fashionable. Or how about a watch with various sweets printed on it? Many of these chic models can be found on This website is just loaded with different watch models that you simply don’t know where to look at first. Paired with affordable prices, you can be sure to be able to put more than just one watch into your virtual shopping cart. Here, you can acquire the popular candy look watches for women and girls, which will serve as the eye catcher of your outfit.

 4. Watches in black and white

Often, the latest watch trends are inspired by the newest fashion trends. For this reason, it really did not surprise us that watches in classy white or completely colored in black hit the market like a bomb. With this trend, you actually can’t do anything wrong. I mean, black and white can be combined with each other with nearly no problems at all. These contrasting colors simply harmonize with each other beautifully. Even after decades, these simplistic models can be worn to a stylish outfit and will still attract a lot of attention.

5. Offroad watches for active people

Robust watches which can stand all kinds of situations enjoy rising popularity. Active men and women don’t want to miss a functional watch when going out climbing, hiking or biking. The watch companies surely have not failed to notice this trend and therefore launched a variety of so-called offroad watches onto the market. These watches convince with an amazing wear comfort. In addition, they are provided with a great number of helpful functions which can’t be missing for sporty activities. An installed stop watch or heart rate monitor are a must furthermore. The design of the trendy watches is accordingly more practical than noble without appearing completely unfashionable. The case often is made of metal and features various buttons, watch hands and other fascinating details which will make you look good even in the most extreme situations.

To sum it up

Fashion and trends go hand in hand, which too is clearly visible in the popular watch designs. The latest watch trends prove once more that a watch has always been THE accessory. Today however, you can inform yourself about the newest trends online as well as order your favorite designs on the internet. Right now, retro models in gold and silver which feature a high-quality watchband are high in demand. If you like it more extravagant, you can however as well opt for colorful and extraordinary designs. Indeed, the watch market will have something for any taste in store. Now, you just have to assemble the perfect outfit to complement your watch and all eyes will be locked on you. It is best to choose a plain outfit if you really want to dress to impress. Men should wear a suit in dark shades which will totally accentuate the beauty of a masculine watch. Women on the other hand will look great in filigree dresses or jumpsuits in dulled colors. A matching watch will definitely elevate your look and transform you into the visual center of any situation.

Image source: Valmano