You can use this unique variation of an eyeliner to spice up any simple look and to create a statement accessoire. Although this eyeliner looks a bit complicated at the first sight, you can totally recreate it just by following these easy steps:

Step 1: Start your eyeliner as usual by drawing on a line that follows your lower lash line on the outer corners of the eyes. Use a black gel eyeliner for this step and draw it on using a thin eyeliner brush, like the ‘315 / Fine Liner’ brush by Zoeva.

Step 2: Next create your wing by drawing another line from the end of the first line to the center of your lid.

Step 3: Now draw on a V shape on the center of your lid, that is connected to the other line.

Step 4: Create another short line and connect the V shape with the inner corners of your eyes.

Step 5: Now that you have the outline of your eyeliner, fill it in with the same black color.

Step 6: Lastly highlight the inner corners and brow bones of your eyes using a silver eyeshadow for an extra pop.

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