The history of the accessories brand Prong is almost as fantastic as a fairytale. This label emerged and was brought to life out of coincidence when inexperienced hands decided to handle special materials like wire and glue. This was the moment when the jewelry brand came to life. The extraordinary jewelry is used in many fields, be it in a music video, fashion magazine or around the body of fashion icons and addicts all over the world. In London where alternative fashion is everywhere just around the corner, the brand recently exhibited its latest collection at the LondonEdge , a platform where mainstream fashion is anything but welcomed. Thus, the jewelry by Prong can be called anything but ordinary.

Despite the brand’s tendency to create punk-ish designs, you can observe a slightly romantic vein infused with an amazing vintage touch. Just in time for the Valentine ’s Day, the brand launched a special collection devoted to nothing but love. This special jewelry line includes cute bow necklaces and daisy ear clips.Nevertheless you can find extremely bold leather necklaces with heart-shaped components incorporated into them here. Prong Jewelry however does not only offer jewelry. The Fetish touch of the leather necklaces which look like kinky chokers should definitely be worn with the sexy, sensual nipple covers. In addition, you can acquire “Toxic” makeup sets as well as eye patches here! The heart-shaped sun glasses à la Lolita is another highlight of the assortment. Lace, lacing, leather, latex, hearts, studs, spikes, buckles, nail polish, lipsticks, powder, rouge, kajal, necklaces, pendants, watches and so on and so on…. Diversity is written in capital letters in the Prong universe! Be it Steampunk jewelry or a casual fan shirt – the brand proves to be extremely extraordinary, redefining the meaning of jewelry!

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