The maritime Spring Collection by Fransa can be seen as the perfect forerunner for their rather adventurous Summer Collection. The Danish fashion house can already pride itself with 47 years of fashion history and experience. Almost 50 years in which the brand never strayed away from its individual style without ever getting stuck in time. You could describe Fransa’s essence as feminine, cool but also romantic.

The two lines for the Spring and Summer of 2015 are being presented as individual collections, yet they are based on each other. That’s why pieces of both lines can be mixed and matched to your liking. The spring look is mainly inspired by those very first days at the beach. Sportiveness and femininity are cannily combined to form harmonic outfits. The casual t-shirt as well as the faded jeans completely express the incredible fashion consciousness of the brand. Maritime stripes meet mesh fabrics; blue and white meet rosé and grey whilst flared skirts meet neat blazers.

The Summer Collection is, similar to the Spring Collection, full of maritime designs. The main difference can be found in terms of the elegance, which is much more present during the hot season. Strong colors like yellow and green complete the whole color palette. What you can also be sure of is the fact that Fransa’s summer will be full of statement pieces just like the patterned jumpsuit, which I like to particularly recommend to you. This piece of clothing will prepare you for every adventure you might be facing, even if it’s going to be wild. A leopard version, which practically guarantees sexappeal, is provided to you for the wildest of adventures.

You are definitely on the market for a brandnew Fransa look? Then please feel free to visit their booth at the Panorama fair in Berlin!

Copyright and Source: http://www.fransa.com