BMO, short for Blue Mountain Originals, is an Australian shoe label I would like to present to you in the following. Said brand presents itself in a very individual light, giving you the base to fashion your look uniquely from head to toe. But what exactly is the reason for the brand’s success? BMO is in fact the inventor of the lambskin boot as we know today. The product was produced for the first time in the year 1933. Today as then, the brand has been following certain values which have stayed the same since its foundation. All materials come from Australia where the shoes are produced on the base of careful handiwork – 100% made in Australia!

The design promises breathtaking and great shoe styles. Driven by the passion for handmade products, the family enterprise is now run by the fourth generation. At home in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, the team creates new eye catchers each year, which keep your feet warm and dry in the winter. Since 2012, the shoes have also been sold in Europe. On the verge of conquering the European market, the brand will be presenting its shoes at the Panorama Messe Berlin .

What is typical of the boots is the bold design, which is determined by suede and outstanding seams. Different shaft heights enable you to create different looks. The assortment includes ankle-high, but also knee-high boots. Apart from rather plain models in different colors, you can discover models here which are embellished with various patterns and decorative details which really made me fall in love with the brand. Fur elements or lacings which pop with color were incorporated into the shoe designs for instance just to make this world a more colorful place. Color splashes, stars and animal prints can be found here, decorating the shoes, and will catch a lot of attention when worn.

The great assortment is completed with a selection of rubber boots and slippers which will turn your home into your own private little runway.

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