Step 1: First apply a base coat to all of your nails to protect them from damage and discoloration.

Step 2: Next use one coat of a silver metallic nail polish on all of your nails to create our silver base The nail polish I am using here is in the color‘616’ by Kiko.

Step 3: To create the silver stripe in the center of the nails it’s time to apply a black nail polish to our nails. The perfect product for this step is the color ‘144 black is back’ by Essence, because it has a rounded brush, which makes the whole process a lot easier.

Apply the black color on the lower half of your nails and create a half moon shape a little bit above the center of your nails.

Step 4: Now leave a little space above the black area we just painted on and start following the half moon shape with the brush, so that you create a silver stripe in between the black areas.

Step 5: After all of your nails are dry, take a top coat (’01’ by Rival de Loop) and finish off the look on all of your nails.

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