Fashion label Umasan can hardly be compared to other brands because Umasan is the first High Fashion label that goes completely without animal products and thus can proudly call itself vegan. Behind this concept are two twins, Anja and Sandra Umann, who are deeply connected not through mere blood but interests and spirituality.

Both of them love art, literature and yoga. Their liking for spirituality and a healthy lifestyle inspired them to found their brand, which is defined by a unique concept. Algae and timber are used as substitutes for animal products. Of course, this risky decision is criticized by some. But the two designers always let their collections speak for themselves and enchant people all around the world who place value on vegan lifestyle and products free of animal cruelty. But of course, anyone who loves fashion will also fall in love with Umasan.

The predominant feature is definitely the harmony between the body, soul and fashion. Subdued colors are used instead of extravagant patterns. This whole concept can be seen in the Summer Collection 2015, which the duo presented during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2014. The line includes extraordinary and modern clothing items for men and women of every age. And the truly fascinating thing was that the fact that the clothing was presented by models of different age groups to match the theme.

Besides the classical white and black shades, a warm brown was also incorporated to further highlight the versatile designs. The secret behind the duo’s success is definitely the modern interpretation of elegance, which is intensified through great designs. Sportiness influences the collection and ensures a casual charisma.

Umasan will be part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in January, where they will present their new vegan fashion for Winter 2015/2016.

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