Roshi Porkar is honoring the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin in January with his presence once again, giving us an insight into the fashion of the coming winter season 2015/2016. The fashion creator born in Vienna feels home in the fashion world. Her uncompromising creations point to her resolute attitude when it comes to design, a very valuable trait she has proven since she finished her studies. After graduation, she worked for various designers and succeeded in developing her own very feminine style.

Presented and featured by the fashion magazine Elle, it is no wonder, that this talented designer was also invited to take part in the last Berlin Fashion Week. Last July, Roshi Porkar showed us what her summer 2015 looked like. It is all about femininity in her spring and summer collection 2015. The breathtaking outfits are defined by feminine silhouettes which emphasize the charms of the wearer. Experimenting with these silhouettes is another strength of Porkar which however also applies to the use of fabrics and colors. Extreme contrasts are a crucial aspect of her style. Voluminous structures clash with smooth, flowing fabrics. Grey meets bright green. Indeed, this collection has many faces.

A richness of facets turns Porkar’s fashion into something very individual. Thanks to edgy shapes in a feminine package and the voluminous components, you cannot consider this fashion a revival of the old and the classical. Instead, Roshi Porkar follows her own new image of the ideal woman and implements this image in her individual fashion.

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