Janine Coldeweyis a multitalented artist because she us an expert in fashion, illustration and styling. This creative lady studied at the university in Hannover where she is living right now. Her portfolio of artworks is incredibly extensive because Janine is dealing with different perspectives on fashion and their effects. Furthermore, she is trying to connect the architecture and the flair of different cities with fashion. She is trying to capture the feeling of a city, for instance the metropolis Los Angeles she is even devoting an entire collection to.

Janine is young and modern, individual, trend-setting and self-confident, daring and interesting – all these attributes are projected onto her job as a fashion designer. Janine Coldewey stands for easygoingness and coolness, for urbanity and freshness, sportiness, dynamics and individuality which she sees as precious value in the middle of a mainstream society.

The label of the young fashion creator is called SUËD and was founded by her and two additional newcomer designers from Hannover in the year 2012. Oversize prints and graphical elements stand in the center of this brand which is marked by creativity and diversity. Janine Coldewey is an artist whose creative vein is visible at first sight.

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