Maybe you already know the name Heidi Beck. If not, then it’s definitely about time to get to know this creative lady. The fashion designer from Cologne is characterized by an unprecedented charisma which is reflected by her fashion. The special aura her fashion exudes probably stems from the distinct way Heidi Beck is perceiving fashion as a phenomenon. Each collection can only be created through a long process, the intense engagement with a topic, a special idea and a very certain and concrete vision. Heidi Beck is not only a passionate fashion designer, she can also be considered as a visionary, intellectual starry-eyed idealist and as an idol for many young designers.

Heidi Beck is even in the possession of two degrees in both fashion and art. After several jobs including working at a ceramics studio in France and working as a freelance and employed designer, she decided to focus on creating an own enterprise which specializes in high fashion.

In particular, Heidi concentrates on knitwear which is created per hand in her small, exclusive studio in Cologne. What is truly important to her is the quality of her garments and the changeability and flexibility of her designs. Evening fashion in sexy tight-fitting silhouettes clashes with casual unique designs – the female wearer can now re-invent her individuality and versatility with the help of Heidi Beck. The fashion creator turns knitwear into timeless, contemporary, excellent and sought-after looks. Therefor, she makes use of the multiple facets of the materials and an extensive color palette. The knit line is definitely able to make you the star of any evening event. Simultaneously, casual looks will accompany you through your everyday life with a lot of style and sophistication.

Known for her glamorous, sensual designs, the Turkish fashion scene was truly excited to see the interpretations of traditional structures by the German designer. Three collections in total were namely designed for the Turkish fashion label Tekbir Istanbul. The interaction of different cultures inspired her to create the collection Eurasia, which connects the contrasts between east and west. Special attributes of both worlds have been incorporated into the designs. Silk fabrics woven by hand from Uzbekistan, called Ikat, represented the base. Words like individuality, beauty and preciousness form the center of the feminine collection, which drips with hidden sensuality as well as soft elegance. Modern cuts, oriental shalwar pants and the contrast created by denim is made to seduce, individualize and impress.


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