Hi Tek Designs  was founded by Alexander Tasou in the eighties. He celebrated his debut with bags reminiscent of old telephones- the straps looked like a receiver while the buckles functioned as selector switches. Shortly after this, he was invited to many influential events. His designs and videos were used for shows, shootings, videos and are worn by stars of the music scene. Although he became popular thanks to his bags, he also makes use of his talent to create other breathtaking pieces of clothing. That’s why we’re focusing on his belts now.

Just like in all of his creations, Alexander tries to be ahead of his time. The designs are original and futuristic at the same time. His exceptional design counts as timeless and modern. The belts play with the mysticism of religion and the story of old household goods. Thus, crosses and old telephones dials are used as zippers. Even a hinge or a buckle, just like they could be probably found in planes once, are presented in this collection. They are usually black colored, yet we can also find some exceptions in bright colors or covered with fur.

Hi Tek Designs is a label from London that is inspired by the future and uses the past’s beauty. That’s how Alexander Tasou creates the feeling of already having arrived the future.


Hi Tek Designs Watch Collection for women 2014

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