We always tell ourselves: I don’t need to take it with me. I can easily buy this when I’m there. Especially when you’re planning on staying longer like I am. But what if the thing you need simply can’t be bought over there?

Well, then you’re basically screwed and have to make compromises. Amazing this little forced withdrawal, ain’t nothing better than this! How are you supposed to even know what is being sold at your destination place and what not? I am talking about the little things. For instance, whenever I cook for my host family, something traditional and truly German like dumplings, red cabbage, German apple sauce and duck – YUM! But then I realized you can’t buy German dumplings here. This definitely put me out of balance and it was by far not the end of it. Apple sauce as well as red cabbage are hard to find as well. BAM! Christmas is officially ruined. Well, I could make it myself. But why should I?

So when my host mom came back from her business trip to Munich she brought me back some – yes, you guessed it – dumplings! Yeah! But also other really great products you can’t buy here in England.

Wafer Papers

We actually live in a part of London where Lidl, a German grocery store, is quite nearby and you really want to tell me that you don’t have dumplings or red cabbage? Here you have the perfect example of different priorities in different countries. In London, the focus is clearly not placed on good food. On a more serious note, I at least managed to get me some bread. If I hadn’t, I am sure I would have died or maybe I would have learned how to bake as a result of my withdrawal. Well, long story short, she brought back baking wafers, vanilla sugar and jelly. You certainly know how to appreciate things once you don’t have it anymore – I think everybody is familiar with that feeling.

Oh on a little side note, whenever I go out to do a some shopping I noticed that it is incredibly hard for me to buy underwear in the local H&M stores, can you believe that? Would you have guessed that dumplings, apple sauce, vanilla sugar, bras and wafers were indeed THE German must-packs in London?

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