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For this look you will neither need any latex nor fake blood or similar special products. You will only need some eyeshadows and lipgloss!

Step 1: Start off by applying Mascara to your lashes.

Step 2: Now draw on an irregular triangle shape below your eye which will create our ripped eye.

Step 3: Blend die edges of the triangle towards the inside to create dimension.

Step 4: Then apply some red and wine red eyeshadow to the center of the triangle and blend everything together very well.

Step 5: To make the wound appear more realistic take a light brown eyeshadow and run it along the edges on the outside of the triangle. That will help make the wound stand out.

Step 6: For a bloody effekt take a red or clear lipgloss and apply it on the inside of the triangle.

Step 7: Lastly blend a red and black eyeshadow very messily all over your eyelid for an extra creepy look.

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