Alexis Mabille is known for his haute couture creations. Nevertheless his ready-to-wear collections are more than just capable of fascinating the fashion world. His brand has been poured with success since it was born in the year 2005. The passion for avant-garde traits, which Alexis Mabille pairs with contemporary elements, represents the ideal fundament for his unique and dynamic style.

Often, the designer creates unisex designs and incorporates sexy elements into the boyish shapes. This cheeky concept is of course also defining the fall and winter collection 2014. A very crucial component this time is the use of Swarovski crystals, which are used by the designer in order to create glamorous details. While masculine silhouettes and graceful, feminine cuts match each other beautifully, crystals refine and perfect this high fashion overall image.

Thanks to exciting draperies and ruffles, the bold and eye-catching cuts receive the finishing touch. The blazer with the double button border for instance really impresses with a long, draped train, which even appears innovative in our era where we face unconventional structures every day. Blouses and shirts emphasize and stress the waist which is accentuated with outstanding details like a big bow. In this way, the femininity of the wearer is flattered in a very sensual way. The seductive culmination however is manifested in the transparent creations giving you an insight into what lies beneath the fabric.

Dramatic, black lace, chic chequered designs or embroideries – defined by an elegant color concept, the designs are still marked by a certain dose of casualness which enables you to wear Mabille’s creations in everyday life as well. Nevertheless, this fashion stays extravagant and classy. In September you were given the chance to see the art by Alexis Mabille live at the Paris Fashion Week.

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Alexis Mabille, Ready-to-Wear for men & women – Fashion News 2013 

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