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French-raised designer Christine Phung shows us a well-balanced mix of pure seduction, temerity and grace. Drawing much of her inspiration from nature, architecture and colors, her collection’s many facets highlight the versatility of a woman. For this, Christine Phung has received many prizes and awards, among others the 2011 Parisian Grand Prix for Design.

Christine Phung’s fashion has also been featured at the Paris Fashion Week 2015. Her parents, who stem from France and Cambodia respectively, have influenced the interplay between different genres. You can often find her thoughts and feelings hidden within the patterns and prints of her designs.

Her fall and winter collection 2014 showcases her full dedication to nature. The name itself speaks volumes: “An escape in the mountains“. In this collection, different textures have been used to create new, exciting forms. Dresses made of flowing fabrics have been defined with wrapped elements; jackets have been given waist belts; skirts have been decorated with pleats. The color composition emnates elegance: Bordeaux and royal blue, bright orange, rose, black and white – these shades shine outstandingly.

The graphical patterns stand out because they appear very modern, opulent and playful. The artful depiction of mountains rounds off the success of the line. Christine Phung is indeed a creator of graceful fashion that connects the wearer with nature.

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