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The classical style, interpreted in a futurist way – this is what awaits you at DAKS, a renowned brand from England. In the year 1894, at the age of only 16, the young tailor Simeon Simpson founded the brand which can indeed be considered legendary today. With innovative design and new technologies, attractive novelties and unique charisma, the young visionary quickly made himself a name, gaining an excellent reputation. His specialty: ready-to-wear fashion with the uniquely good fit of custom-made fashion.

To this day, the formidable reputation of the brand has been preceding this brand which has been led by designer Filippo Scuffi since 2005. The talented designer combines classical pieces of clothing with modern design and manages to keep the original style of DAKS alive this way. New interpretations and unique designs inspire, enchant and drive us crazy. In the winter 2014/2015, an individual ensemble of clothes is again surprising the entire fashion world.

Fashionistas can look forward to this collection because classical colors, feminine cuts and breathtaking details are catapulting DAKS onto a new level of sophistication. Beige and black play the main role and are complemented with classical chequers. The cuts are adjusted to the body of the wearer and are spiced up by surprisingly asymmetrical, voluminous and boyish features. Draped elements, pleats, fur and leather intensify the fashionable spectacle, which is capped off by metallic highlights.

The men’s collection goes hand in hand with the women’s line. However, wine red, sand and brown are added to the color palette. The unusual combination of fur, leather and stiff fabrics is completed with fine velvet. With a modern look focusing on the classical suit, you can’t do anything wrong. Tension is added with ponchos, knitted coats, military jackets and leather jackets. The elegant collection is receiving the finishing touch with golden, shimmering models – futurist, trendy and individual.

In the city where DAKS was founded more than 100 years ago, London, the brand has been returning on September 12th, hosting a brilliant fashion show at the London Fashion Week.

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