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Rinat Shayna Brodach  loves designing fashion, thus she watches every step of the developing process of her collection. She focuses on the integrity of women and creates fashion supporting the woman’s individual personality. Rinat Brodach takes advantage of the material’s composition and uses drapery so that her clothes become figure-hugging. The materials are flowing and take different forms thanks to these characteristics, led by the wearer’s movements. Furthermore, Rita bears in mind different body types, thus her fashion also can conceal certain problem areas.


The lovingly created line “How to expose the heart“ unites draped individual pieces into a mercilessly elegant overall picture. Every collection piece has a special characteristic influencing the cut and form: Short dresses are wrapped around waist, a silk top has got a waterfall neckline, while a jacket is marked by a round cut-out at the collar. Those big trifles make Rinat’s style legendary. Unique, exciting designs are restrained and dark colored. Therefore, a strong contrast emerges.

The lively Israeli designer with a black lion mane lives in New York now. There, she presented her creations on 8 September at the  Nolcha Fashion Week for the first time. 

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