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After giving you an insight into the extremely colorful and sophisticated spring and summer collection 2014 of the brand Rosie Assoulin, I felt obliged to take a look into the fall collection as well just to see how the designer implemented her personal style in the cold season. The fall collection is marked by a versatile color palette as well. But in contrast to the spring and summer collection, the nuances are more muted and appear more discreet.

Apart from pants and dresses, you can discover a couple of jumpsuit designs here which will make any fashionista’s heart beat faster. Without worrying your brain about what to wear with your chosen piece of clothing, you immediately look great with one single jumpsuit. The draped elements with decorative knot details which were present in the summer collection once again serve as eye catchers in the fall line. One overall which particularly caught my attention is fir green and appears sporty as well as fashionable thanks to its casual cut.

My ultimate favorite however is the combination consisting of a white blouse and a black, plain pair of pants. The blouse is revealing your shoulders due to the boat neckline. At the same time, it is marked by a draped design around the abdomen area, so that a small area at waist level is revealed. The bow in the front caps off the beautiful look. All in all, the designer tends to work with the same elements used in the previous collection, creating fashion which is anything but ordinary. Individuality is here on the agenda!

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Rosie Assoulin, for women- Spring & Summer  2014

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