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Driven by her joy of fashion, Lela Jacobs  creates experimental, contemporary, durable, wild and breathtaking designs. Because of her affinity to her home country New Zealand, she believes in local craftsmanship, like hand knitting. Also cooperations with artisans and artists mark her works.

This individual style is hard to describe as it is sporty and casual on the one hand, but really avant-garde on the other hand. The wearer, who is highlighted by dark colors, will exude a boyish, sporty, mysterious and graceful aura in this fall and winter line. The entire black and white line is highlighted with the lettering “decentreliz”, which means decentralized. Men are covered by garbs which look similar to those of the women. One might say that all this is unisex fashion.

Fluid transitions can be found in this fall and winter collection, but also sharp edges. Symmetries contrast with asymmetries. Wide garments, dresses, pants and tops are combined in a layered look and result in an urban city image. On August 26, Lela Jacobs presented her collection on the runway of the  Fashion Week Neuseeland .

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