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The 14th  Fashion Week in New Zealand will be taking place in August and Alma Wong, a designer from South Korea, will be a big part of it. She developed a fondness of fashion and visual arts at a very early stage. This fondness has blossomed into a full-blown passion, which is why she decided to study both of the above. That’s basically the story behind her sense for true artwork, which is why her bridal fashion is always on point, breathtakingly beautiful and rich in details. She creates unique dresses matching their wearer.

In addition to her fabulous bridal work she does offer an exclusive line of accessories, which complements the elegant style of her label. The bridal gown however, is always in the limelight. Not only will it brighten up the groom’s day, it will also be a lifelong memory for both bride and groom. As always the love and devotion lies in the details. Alma Wong always succeeds in combining casual sophistication with delicate and elegant accentuations and subsequently designs dreamy gowns.

The main color here is, of course, white and this leaves it open to anybody to let yourself get carried away by dreams of a pure, white princess wedding with add-ons like soft laces, romantic frills, cheeky embroideries, which all highlight the beauty of the bride. You will find a rather simple looking collection with hidden accentuations to express each and every individual style. An exclusive line for the maids of honors will also be part of the collection. The elegant gowns and dresses will also be the focus here without stealing the bride’s show.

The Fashion Show at NZ Fashion Week will open their gates on August, 27th at 2pm and trust me, it will be worth your time even when you’re not a bride (yet).

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