Every year, the leading German consumer safety group called Stiftung Warentest is reviewing the most popular headphones.

The reviewers now announced that they bought one exemplar of the popular and sought after Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD headphones at a Conrad store in Berlin, which turned out to be a fake.  Since Conrad represents one of the leading electronics retailers in Germany, the consequences of such a plagiarism scandal could be disastrous for the German company running 25 throughout Germany.

When Stiftung Warentest took a closer look at the alleged Beats, they found a whole 60 differences between the fake and the original. One of those many differences was that the right and the left speaker were interchanged and one of them was even broken.

In this video, Stiftung Warentest displays the most noticeable differences. The real Beats Solo HD box is on the right, the fake one is on the left. Understanding this video therefore is very easy, even if the language spoken in it is German. So before getting a sexy pair of Beats By Dre, keep an eye out for the things mentioned there! By the way, one pair of Beats costs around 150€…

Copyright and Source: http://winfuture.de/news,82285.html