The brand I’m presenting to you is from Copenhagen where the international fashion fair CIFF is going to take place. Named after the two founders Marie-Louise Chang and Anne Goto, the brand focuses on expressive leather accessories. Produced in Spain and designed in their home town, bags are created which stand for timeless chic thanks to diverse inspirations and functionality.

The simple and yet sophisticated, elaborate motto of the very first winter line reads “Back in Black”. Following this motto, the designer duo relies on classical leather bags and thus demonstrates the beauty of traditional design. The production of women’s accessories is marked by handicraft and the immaculate processing of the material. The compact and manageable selection of outstanding bags convinces with discreet accentuations and classical shapes.

For the coming summer season 2015, Marie-Louise Chang and Anne Goto will definitely do anything to amaze us with another breathtaking collection which will be presented at the CIFF. Compared to the winter line, the past summer designs appear playful, ornamentally decorated and rich in details. While the colors stay the same, the silhouettes of the bags represent the highlights: geometric, round, rectangular and excitingly different.  ChangGoto  presents amazing shoppers, handheld bags and saddle bags. The repertoire of the brand is growing and offers differently shaped clutches apart from fanny bags.

We are really looking forward to the brand’s next collections.

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