On Twitter, the adult streaming service YouPorn already announced that they’re looking for a DoTA2 or League of Legends team to sponsor a while ago.

Well, on July 30th YouPorn announced the following – the contract is drafted already and a deal is coming soon.

I’m not even baffled by the fact that even YouPorn has realized that the E-Sports scene is a serious business. A few weeks ago the DoTA2 tourney „The International 2014“ was running with a prize pool of 11 million US dollars and over 20 million unique viewers.

To me, it is really exciting to find out what YouPorn has to offer for their pro-team. Sponsors such as Razer and Logitech usually give their players gaming gear such as mice and headsets. So what do the pro-gamers get who got a YouPorn logo on their chest? A free life-time premium membership?

There hasn’t been a sponsor for pro-gamers as bizarre as YouPorn ever before. And that’s exactly why I can’t wait to find out who’s going to be the sponsored them and what kind of service YouPorn offers them!

Or is it all just really smart PR? I mean, after all YouPorn is currently in all the gaming headlines.


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