Although you need to take a little more effort for this look, it’s definitely worth it, because it is going to be an eyecatcher on every party, especially in clubs.
This look is inspired by the galaxy, which is why I chose to use colors like purple, blue and black with a little bit of glitter to represent the stars.



1. First blend a purple eyeshadow (‘Wisteria’ by Makeup Geek) into your crease and your lower lash line for a transition color.

2. To add another transition color, take a blue eyeshadow and place it in the crease and lower lash line as well, without overdrawing the purple.

3. For the next step I took a bright blue Eyeshadow (‘275 Infinity’ by Kiko) and applied it right onto my eyelid, blending it into the crease. I also intensified my lower lash line with it.

4. To achieve the galaxy effect I took a black eyeshadow with blue glitters in it (‘293 Infinity’ by Kiko) and applied it onto my lid using my finger. That way you won’t get much fallout and the glitter will stay in place.

5. On my lower lash line I used a black kajal and blended it out with a black eyeshadow (‘Corrupt’ by Makeup Geek) into the blue and purple eyeshadow.

6. In my opinion this wasn’t enough glitter yet, which is why I had to apply a silver glitter eyeliner that will act as a glue for our next step.

7. Dab on some glitter particles on top of the eyeliner. Using your finger for this will make your life much easier.

8. For our next step I used a silver eyeshadow (‘Verve’ by Urban Decay) on the inner corners of my eyes and a light matte eyeshadow underneath my brow (‘Vanilla’ by MAC).

9. To top off everything I used a blue mascara, which complements the blue eyeshadow and adds a special look to the makeup. Here I used the ‘Eyemazing Volume Mascara’ by Manhattan in the color ‘Deep Blue’.

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