The Dutch fashion label LaSalle  combines a rather grown-up style with fresh and young elements. Feminine silhouettes like dresses, skirts and formfitting pants and shirts however, are the core of each ensemble. In the most recent collection we can detect mostly white and light, earthy tones as well as bright colors with your occasional highlights.

The collection includes casual outfits, elegant everyday wear as well as business attires. Happy floral prints complete unicolored pieces the same way little details complement the simple design. The result not only looks incredibly sophisticated but also nonchalant, which means the LaSalle collection can be worn over day – and/or night time.

Skirt- blazer combinations for instance, or knee-length robes, pencil skirts and tops are accompanied by lace insertions as well as fringes to even emphasize the feminine appearance of the pieces. If you’re in the market for timeless, accomplished but also modern fashion, then LaSalle is the label for you.

Timeless and classical chic is offered here. LaSalle label that also challenges you to get out of your comfort zone – that’s a style that can rarely be sported but LaSalle is right on it. Keep this label in mind for the next Fashion Week in Berlin. Maybe the brand will take part in the Panorama Exhibitions once again?  LaSalle has had a sky-rocking path since the foundation in 2001 by fulfilling customer’s wishes without losing their identity.

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