The summer collection by Mivite  proclaims coolness with a certain fundamental elegance. The style seems incredibly urban and definitely captures the spirit of big metropolises all around the world. This is a look for everyday which is yet defined by something special. This fashion is what style-conscious urban girls dream of worldwide. Youthful and chic, combined in expressive fashion ensembles – amazing.

However, what makes these outfits so special and unique? This question indeed isn’t easy to answer because you can observe many components which form the distinct style of this brand. The bold elements like the cuts, the color palette and the shape as well as small details determine the juvenile hallmarks of Mivite. The brand however is in no way afraid of rocking glamour and therefore is always good for a surprise.

Looks which can barely be more diverse present themselves in front of you. How about comfortable yet elegant jogging pants? Or do you prefer a sequined evening gown? I truly enjoy the inspiring style of the modern clothing line which embellishes white pleated skirts with colorful floral prints. You too had the chance to “enjoy” the beauty of these designs at the Panorama Exhibitions in the heart of Berlin which took place mid July.

Who loves colorful fashion as well as classy black and white pieces, who appreciates casual fashion as much as chic models and who is always on the lookout for new trends will fall in love with Mivite.

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