When looking at IBM’s and Apple’s history, there’s just IBM and Microsoft who have been Apple’s serious rivals ever since. I’m not mentioning Google, because they joined the smartphone market in 2008.

Through years of cooperation, Microsoft and IBM have both become vast companies in terms of consumer electronics. However, IBM isn’t just favored by their customers for their sturdy Thinkpads and their marvelous customer support. IBM further offers custom computers for companies, be it programming, video rendering or working in 3D. Moreover, IBM basically has everything a company needs. From servers to business analytics to financing smart companies. The fact that three quarters of the one hundred richest companies use IBM Software Solutions speaks for itself.

While IBM is focused on the business market, Apple has literally managed to redefine the handheld market for customers with their smartphones and tablets. Something that has kept business partners away from Apple until now, were the missing brilliant software solutions and the kind of costumer support IBM can offer.

The result is two giants cooperating, however they’re also allegedly rivals. With this deal, IBM will create business software solutions for Apples iOS. During this deal’s announcement, both enterprises confirmed that IBM will be developing more than 100 Apps exclusively for the iOS.

I am excited to see this Fall’s iOS 8 coupled with IBMs business solutions. Will Apple manage to get a grip on their journey to the business market?

Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/anthonykosner/2014/07/16/apples-partnership-with-ibm-is-about-the-victory-of-design-over-data/

Image Copyright: http://www.webgreeter.com/why-your-business-should-follow-ibm-and-not-apple/