On July 11th, Neversoft was celebrating – whoever, they weren’t celebrating the start into the weekend. Neversoft are famous for both their top-notch games Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero, but they are also famous for being one of the few game devs that managed to survive in the tough gaming market for a whole twenty years!

On Friday, they were celebrating because it wasn’t a sad farewell. It was a new beginning for them and it was about celebrating their company’s success. Neversoft is going to join the Call Of Duty Developers “Inifity Ward”. And I’m sure they’ll get along well, since both of them have been releasing profitable sequels to their top games each year. For a long eight years, from 1999 to 2007, Neversoft ‘s successful game Tony Hawk has enjoyed follow-ups on an annual base already.

And for once I am excited to see the new Call Of Duty, because I can’t wait to check out this new team’s outcome!


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