The Ombré look is not only a statement, it also makes your lips appear fuller. Since you use a dark color on the outer countours and corners and a light one on the inside, you get the 3D effect, that causes your lips to look sexy and seductive. For this look you can use any color you like, as long as you blend the colors in to each other.


1. Today i chose a black and a light pink to do my ombre lips. First of all I outlined the shape of my lips with a black kajal.

2. Then I took a light pink lipstick and applied it on the center of my lips.

3. To blend the colors in, I drew little strokes with the black kajal starting from the outside to the inside of my lips, without covering up the center of my lips.

4. After blending the color out with a lip brush, you are done!

This look is very easy to recreate and doesn’t take much time to do. It’s perfect as a statement, which is why it would look the best with either a casual eyeliner or just a bit of mascara on your eyelashes.



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