Queen of Darkness’ favorite color black embellishes dresses, tops, pants, skirts, jackets and much more. Besides the body-shaping silhouettes, the style is also characterized by unbelievably many details, which gives the brand different facets, including punk, steampunk, Victorian or gothic.

Getting to this label requires a lot of time, because the product range is full of surprises over and over again. One of your opportunities to meet the label will be on June 8th and June 9th. Then, it will be featured at the LondonEdge fair in the heart of Berlin.

There, Queen of Darkness will show you highlights of the collections, which are no longer an insider’s tip in the alternative fashion scene.

Exuberant lace, romantic bows, rocking skulls, button borders and prints define Queen of Darkness’ look. Varnish and leather are the main ingredients and give final shape to the obscene charm. It’s easy to stand out of the crowd by wearing baroque skirts, rocking vests and skimpy shorts. And the gloomy atmosphere is also always by your side.

Studs, metal buckles and sexy cut-outs accompany the sensual, extrovert designs. The only thing you need is a strong personality and a feeling for the certain something. If this is the case, Queen of Darkness is the right choice for you. This applies to both women and men, who are also offered a wide range of kilts and rocking jackets. By the way, you should also check out their lingerie line!

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