Festivals are a wonderful place, but you should always remember to throw some extra items into your backpack (which should already contain a tent, a sleeping bag, a roll mat, toilet paper, tissues, a toothbrush, and so on…)

Gaffer Tape: Gaffer tape is one of the best friends you can have at a festival. Broke your glasses? Somebody tripped and caused a rip in your tent? Gaffer tape! Out of plates? Gaffer tape! (Yes, that’s right! I once knew somebody who made a plate out of gaffer tape!)

Light clothes: It’s not for no reason that the Bedouin and other desert tribes prefer casual flowing clothes that cover them entirely. If you’ve never really gotten along with the sun, here’s your chance to learn from the Bedouin. This prevents sunburn while remaining refreshing in the heat.

Sanitizer: Sooner or later, you’ll end up touching some things you’d rather not have touched.

Ear Plugs: No matter how hardy you are, your ears will start protesting at some point. Furthermore, if your tent is too near a stage, these could literally save your sleep!

Water: Water is love, water is life. And that’s why it is so expensive at festivals! Try to sneak as many bottles in as you can.

Image Source: http://www.thestoolpigeon.co.uk/admin/wp-content/uploads/fest.jpg