Designer Harvee Kok likes to play with color contrasts as well as different prints and the different textures of his designs. He mainly focuses on the creation of clearly cut tops to create the so called Wow-effect because he knows that opposites attract, especially in fashion and I hope it will attract you, too.

He comes from a long past full of art and you can most certainly see that aspect in his lines for womenswear. They are easy to wear as well as extremely ingenious, almost futuristic, especially when it comes to the sweaters and t-shirts with silver studs, which support the black and grey background. The impact it has on its viewers is immeasurable. I told you that it will attract, did I not?

The expressive design show a lot of artistic traits connected with modern silhouettes and an individual style and voilà – a mesmerizing piece of art was created. If you’re as curious as I am, don’t miss out on the Fashion Week in Kuala Lumpur. You’ll find this genius on June 19th at 3pm on the runway, have fun!

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