Joanna Wietrzycka presented a collection which is marked by summer through and through. Clothes made of light and floating jersey as well as silky materials enchant us. A plain color palette full of contrasts represents the base of the light and delicate style, which conquers the fashion world in a very feminine and distinct way. Thus, we can observe many dresses and skirts in the collection, completed by cloth pants and casually cut long tops.

The interplay between black and white is as determining as the extraordinary cuts. The silhouette is less emphasized, however this doesn’t mean that the figure isn’t flattered. Here, the sophistication lies in the lines and cuts, which Joanna accentuates in a few well-chosen body parts. Skirts and dresses are worn with leggings marked by a stylish destroyed look for this reason.

Several layers of fabric underline the flowing character of the design, almost appearing like a waterfall. Thanks to the material and color choice as well as the cuts, the brand Joanna Wietrzycka reflects a chic, urban and timeless look for the young modern woman. This collection definitely reminds you of the beach and the ocean, but it is also suitable for nobler events and garden parties.

You could see the designs by Joanna live at the Fashion Week Lviv.. The young designer from Poland places value on simplicity, paired with outstanding accentuations.

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