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The Institut français is going to become the center of international thinkers during the “lange Nacht der Philosophie” on 13 June. The schedule includes presentations, which will be held by modern and renowned philosophers, and performances that will change every hour as well as musicians and movies.

The presentations are multi-faceted. Experts will talk about the relation between literature and philosophy from 7pm to 7am! They will talk about all kinds of philosophic problems (e.g. “meaning of being” with Prof. Markus Gabriel, 7pm), discuss about topics like the “humanism” (Dr. Christian Sommer, 7pm), the “definition of art” (Prof. Dr. Georg W. Bertram, 8.30pm) and the “philosophic paradox of the perception of time” (Dr. Teresa Pedro, 4am).

If you remember your philosophy lessons at school, you’ll surely remember how much headaches you got because of Platon, Nietzsche and co. Anyway, this night is going to be different. Don’t worry. Prof. Dr. Holm Tetens will give a presentation about “Descartes and the zombies” and discusses the currency of the Cartesian dualism (8pm). You’ve probably never dealt with Descartes this way before! As for the presentations, also the performances will deal with individual themes. The choice of media, which show interesting mindsets, philosophic procedures and principles, is amazing. There will be for example a poetic performance which is going to give us an understanding of the dualistic meaning of being. (by Cia Rinne). Also music is often used as a mediator. The visual picture is demonstrated by documentaries, short movies and videos, so that the lange Nacht der Philosophie becomes a multimedia event.

Such an event requires a good condition! Free espresso will be offered the whole night at the Entrée of the Cinema Paris. Sometimes, you will also receive wine, of course for free. If you become hungry, go to the Brasserie Le Paris and buy some delicious snacks for cheap prices. There’s no need to register. However, you’re kindly asked to be on time.

Here’s the schedule:

Die lange Nacht der Philosophie

June 13, 2014
7pm – 7am
Institut français
Kurfürstendamm 211
10719 Berlin

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